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Taurini Sled – Fully Upholstered

Product Code: TAMF375U
Lead Time Guide: 4 - 6 weeks

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A premium, multipurpose chair – TAURINI has a smartly contoured one-piece backrest offering comfort and flexibility. The TAURINI Fully Upholstered is available with or without armrests, and the one-piece shell is fully upholstered with a wide range of fabrics and colours, allowing you to co-ordinate with any colour scheme or theme.

TAURINI is a very robust chair with excellent stacking capacity and can be linked in rows with its discreet linking device!

TAURINI chairs stack up to 10 high on a floor and 45 high on the trolley.

Stackable (up to 10 chairs on floor/up to 40 on trolley)
One-Piece Shell
Very Strong, Solid Rod Sled Base Frame
Italian Made Components
BIFMA X5.1 Certified
AFRDI Certified to Level 6
140kg Recommended Weight Capacity
10 Year Warranty

140kg Recommended Weight Capacity

Chair Dimensions (mm)
O/A Height: 800~
O/A Width: 550~
O/A Depth: 525~
Seat Width: 450~
Seat Depth: 450~
Back Width: 415~
Back Height: 365~
Seat Height: 460~

*Stacking Dimensions (Upholstered Version) (mm)
O/A Height (10 on Floor): 1030~
O/A Height (40 on Trolley): 2250~
O/A Width (on Trolley): 655~
O/A Depth (on Trolley): 1020~



All in one single fabric:


Slick One-Piece Shell

The Taurini structure design features flowing curves and clean lines

The universal one piece shell welcomes bodies of all shapes and sizes, and with endless upholstery options available, it beautifully combines comfort and purpose.




Added Comfort

Choose from a myriad of upholstery fabrics

A large variety of upholstery options and colours available, giving you more design flexibility to fit any space!



Optional Arms

Armrests are available as an additional add-on for more support when needed





Additional Feature

Optional Linking

Optional add on, for Taurini’s convenient linking feature

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