Furniture Solutions for Secondary and Tertiary Education Spaces

Expertise in durable and comfortable chairs for secondary education professionals and students

Medical Grade Fabrics

Advanta uses medical grade fabrics, treated and sealed with anti-microbial chemical protection

Anti-Microbial Foams

Advanta Anti-Microbial foams provide effective control against dustmites, destructive mould, mildew, and fungi

Australian Manufacturing

Advanta's skilled upholsterers manufacture healthcare seating products here in Australia

Easy-Clean, Sanitary Designs

Healthcare applications often require designs which are sanitary and easily cleaned, with robust finishes

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Advanta Education Collection

Expertise in durable, sanitary and comfortable chairs for Education professionals and students

Advanta has more than 35 years experience manufacturing chairs for Australian education applications. Medical centres, hospitals, surgeries... Advanta delivers chairs for waiting rooms, consultation rooms and ergonomic chairs for professionals and patients every day to the healthcare industry Australia wide.