Alex Aloe | Senior Interior Designer

“Advanta represent exactly the right blend of success in the world of commercial furniture. Great products, sharp designs and quality, and topped by tier one customer service. They are a strong player in a competitive market where quality is a key word.

I’ve had the privilege to work with Advanta on many occasions, and was impressed by the high level of quality and performance.

Keep going forward Advanta Team! “

Charlotte Kirkpatrick | Archway Interiors

“I don’t think there’s any way anyone could genuinely put into words how much a quality supplier means. It’s so typical to be treated as just one of a number but from the very start, Advanta have been impeccable. Great range. Polite and friendly staff. So professional. Under-promise and over deliver isn’t quite apt because nothing is under-promised, but over-deliver is a two-word summary of Advanta. I just don’t think there is anything I can fault… and that is (bane of my life) extremely rare in the furniture supplying game!

Thanks to everyone in the team contributing to generating these vibes.. #1 supplier ? ”


Formline logo

Charles McDonald | Project Director

“Over several years on many commercial seating projects, our project team and designers at Formline Group prefer to deal with Advanta as they provide great lead times, comprehensive product range, competitive pricing value, clear communication, consistent and professional customer service, remarkable attention to detail, superior designs and outstanding finish quality.

Never having been disappointed with a product failure on any of our high end projects has only served to promote confidence and peace of mind across our entire team.“



Sarah Moyes | Furniture Dept. Manager

I would like to thank  Advanta for the excellent service you constantly provide to A1 Office Fitouts in the supply and installation of office seating.
We, as a company, are all delighted with the way you go above and beyond to ensure that our client’s needs are serviced accordingly to our company philosophy and standard.
Your professionalism, quality, timeliness and cost effective solutions are highly appreciated through every project which we work on and value the relationship we have with you greatly.

We look forward to working on more projects with you in the future.“


Janyce O’Keeffe  | Interior Design Consultant

“As an injured personal trainer & instructor, I made the decision to return to my previous career within the interior design field.

Beginning this role at a desk, the stationary position proved a little difficult. Unexpectedly my sciatica returned to my left side, including pain to my lower back. My knowledge told me immediately it was my posture which was failing me, including my core strength due to lengthy seated position.

Fortunately it was a change of chair, with correct height, postural lumbar support to my lower back, including the high density seating, that improved my symptoms almost immediately.

I sit comfortably supported without any pain, in the Advanta Breathe Chair. I love it so much I recommend it to all clients who are seeking a fully ergonomic task chair.

Without the advice and communication from Advanta, I feel I would still be in pain.  I recommend this chair to any company seeking postural support and comfort.

Kind Regards,


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